Terms of Use


The CoinZip User Agreement (hereinafter, “Terms of Use” or “Agreement”) expresses the voluntary acknowledgement of the person or persons who opened, registered, entered, engaged, accessed and used the CoinZip website (https://coinzip.co), and its services or affiliate sites. It is understood that by registering for a CoinZip Account (“User Account”); using and registering to any of the services available in the CoinZip website (“CoinZip Site” or “Site”) or any of our associated websites, application programming interface/s (“APIs”) or mobile applications (collectively, the “COINZIP SERVICES”), the account user ("You, Your or Yourself") agree that s/he has read, understood, accepted and will strictly comply with all the terms and conditions as stipulated or laid out in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As this is a legally binding contract, please read thoroughly the entire terms and conditions as stipulated or laid out in the Terms of Use before using the CoinZip Site or any of the CoinZip Services.


CoinZip has the full authority and reserves the right to modify or change at any time and at its sole discretion the terms and conditions of this Agreement (“Terms of Use”). Any changes or revisions in this Agreement will be made known to all CoinZip account users through the Terms of Use page which can be accessed at https://coinzip.co/terms-of-use. Any and all modifications or changes to the Terms of Use will be effective immediately upon being announced on the website or released to users. As such, your continued use of CoinZip’s services means that you accept the amended Agreement.


Please be reminded that the risk of loss in trading or holding Digital Currencies, Virtual Currencies or Cryptocurrencies can be substantial. Digital currency, virtual currency or cryptocurrency services in some countries may not be regulated thus, kindly take note of the following:

  1. You are responsible for complying with the pertinent laws, rules and regulations in your country of residence and/or country from which you access the CoinZip Site and CoinZip Services
  2. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding digital currencies, virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies is suitable for you in light of your financial condition. It is important to know whether your tolerance for risk is suitable for buying, selling or trading digital currencies, virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies.
  3. You should understand that there are risks involved in trading. You are fully aware that digital currencies, virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies are subject to large swings in value and may even become worthless.
  4. You are amenable that CoinZip reserves the right to cancel, rollback or block transactions of all types on its platform in the event of abnormal transactions.
  5. You will exercise prudence in dealing with promotions, discounts, offers that could or might lead you to be scammed or getting scammed. You will not hold CoinZip liable for your independent decisions should any untoward incident occur as a result of availing any promotion, discount or offer.
  6. You are fully aware that CoinZip will not and will never ask users to share their password.

As long as you agree and comply with all terms and conditions in this Agreement, CoinZip allows you the personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and limited right to use the CoinZip Site and CoinZip Services. However, if you do not accept the terms and conditions in this Agreement, please refrain from accessing the CoinZip Site or using any of the CoinZip Services.


CoinZip is an online order-book Cyptocurrency Exchange that is engineered for experienced traders. It is an online crypto to crypto or digital asset trading platform provider designed to be intuitive for traders to make sound decisions.

CoinZip does not have the capability for any fiat trading on its platform. It is not a market maker nor a buyer or seller in trades made between traders. Moreover, it does not provide investment advice. Any promotion or information included in the CoinZip site pertaining to digital assets are information provided by the listed token or coin thus, CoinZip will not be held liable nor accountable for any information stated therein. CoinZip will also not be liable for the use and interpretation of such information by Coinzip users in making their independent decisions.

The CoinZip platform is secured to ensure continuity of its services. For instances of downtime and/or maintenance, an announcement will be sent out to all its users. It should be noted that CoinZip will not in any way be accountable for discontinuity of services due to malicious hacking, terrorist attacks, Acts of God, and other events and circumstances that are unforeseen and beyond CoinZip’s control. CoinZip will exert all efforts to maintain reliability and performance to serve its purpose as an online order-book cryptocurrency exchange, thus it shall neither be held liable nor accept liability for any loss or damage that may arise directly or indirectly from its content. CoinZip users hereby agree that CoinZip shall not be held responsible for any losses arising from any situations, events and/or circumstances stated above.


By creating and registering an account with the CoinZip Site and/or any of the CoinZip Services, you affirm, acknowledge and declare that you are:

  1. At least 18 years of age;
  2. Not included on any trade or economic sanctions lists such as the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Lists or its equivalent;
  3. Either an individual, legal person or an organization with full capacity and authority to enter into the User Agreement between you and CoinZip;
  4. Not in any way use CoinZip Site and Services for any form of illegal activity; and
  5. Fully aware that your eligibility to access certain CoinZip Services also depends on the country in which you reside in.

If in the event that you do not meet the eligibility requirements but still proceeded with the registration and creation of CoinZip account in bad faith, you and your guardian shall undertake all consequences resulting from your actions. CoinZip shall have the full right to cancel, freeze, or close your account in addition to filing claims against you and your guardian for compensation of damages. CoinZip strictly prohibits non-eligible users from using or accessing CoinZip Site and any of the CoinZip services.


Unless otherwise specified, all Materials on the Site are the property of CoinZip and are protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable laws. You may view, print and/or download a copy of the materials from this Site on any single computer solely for your personal, informational and/or non-commercial use, provided you comply with all copyright and other proprietary notices.

The trademarks, service marks and logos of CoinZip and others used in this Site ("Trademarks") are the property of CoinZip and their respective owners. The software, text, images, graphics, data, prices, trades, charts, graphs, video and audio used on this Site belong to CoinZip. The Trademarks and materials should not be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, scraped, collected or distributed in any form or by any means, whether manual or automated. The use of any such materials on any other site or networked computer environment for any other purpose is strictly prohibited; any such unauthorized use may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.


A. Account Registration and Verification

Only users who are amenable to all the terms and conditions stipulated in CoinZip Terms of Use can proceed with the registration and creation of a CoinZip account at the CoinZip website (https://www.coinzip.co/).

The CoinZip Site is to be used only for personal and non-commercial use. It should be noted that by registering to the CoinZip Site, you fully agree to provide truthful, accurate, complete, updated, and real information about yourself as prompted by the registration process. User information should be updated whenever important changes are made such as change of residence, change of marital status, change of surname due to marriage, and the like. You also agree that under no instance that you will use CoinZip to access any account within the CoinZip Site other than your own or assist others in gaining unauthorized access.

To register a CoinZip Account, you must provide the following: 

  1. Complete Real Name (must match with the valid ID. Names that are aliases, nicknames, screen name, pen names are not allowed);
  2. Official personal e-mail address;
  3. Mobile or hand phone number;
  4. Valid government-issued identification;
  5. Proof of billing;
  6. Any other information and/or document(s) that CoinZip may require.
As deemed necessary to further verify the identity of the user, CoinZip may request information, which include certain personal information, such as but not limited to, your name, address, contact number, e-mail address, username, date of birth, taxpayer identification number, additional valid government identification number, and statement of account, proof of billing, and similar documents and/or information.

After providing the above information and/or documents, you need to confirm that you fully and voluntarily accept all the terms and conditions indicated in the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Consent Form. Please take note that CoinZip has the full and sole discretion to approve or allow an account to be opened. CoinZip has the discretion to not allow a person from opening an account.

B. Identity Verification

CoinZip is always vigilant in maintaining the security of the CoinZip Site and CoinZip Services. Your registration and creation of an account at CoinZip means that you agree to share personal information requested for the purposes of identity verification. Moreover, it means that you are voluntary authorizing CoinZip to inquire about information, whether directly or indirectly through third parties, that we consider necessary to verify your identity or protect you and/or us against fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, or other financial crimes on the CoinZip platform, as well as to take action we reasonably deem necessary based on the results of such inquiries. The requested information may include Personal Data (please refer to our Privacy Policy).

For the purposes of identity verification, compliance with know-your-customer (“KYC”) rules and to facilitate compliance with global industry standards for data retention as a way to detect money laundering activities, you fully agree that all information you have provided are true and accurate, and agree to inform us in case of change concerning such information. Your information is subject to verification as required by statutory and regulatory obligations incumbent on CoinZip. Your account will be blocked until we are satisfied with the information you have provided and determine in our sole discretion that it is sufficient to validate your Account. In the meantime, you will not be allowed to terminate your Account or request the deletion of the Personal Data processed in the course of verification operations.

You further agree and allow us to keep a record of your personal information for the lifetime of your account plus five (5) years beyond account closing.

C. Disclosures to Legal Authorities and Authorized Financial Institutions

We may share your Personal Data with law enforcement, data protection authorities, government officials, and other authorities when:

  • Required by law;
  • Compelled by subpoena, court order, or other legal procedure;
  • We believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent damage or financial loss;
  • Disclosure is necessary to report suspected illegal activity; or
  • Disclosure is necessary to investigate violations of our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.
We may also share information concerning US citizens who are CoinZip customers with other financial institutions, as authorized under Section 314(b) of the US Patriot Act, and with tax authorities, including the US Internal Revenue Service, pursuant to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA"), to the extent that this statute may be determined to apply to.

For further information on how we process your Personal Data, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

D. Account Usage

The person whose name is registered under a CoinZip account is the only person who can use the account that s/he opened with CoinZip. At all times, CoinZip reserves the right to suspend, cancel or free any accounts that are in anyway used by persons other than the persons whose names they are registered under. CoinZip will not in any way consider or take any legal responsibility or accountability for these accounts.

E. Account Access

In order to access the CoinZip Site and CoinZip Services, you must have the necessary equipment such as a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop and the associated telecommunication service subscriptions to access the Internet. It is only through the CoinZip Site that CoinZip Services can be access by registered Account users.

By accessing the CoinZip Site and using the CoinZip Services, you agree that CoinZip has the sole and full authority to determine the following without receiving your consent or giving prior notice to you:

  1. Whether there is a violation of any rules or regulations such as non-compliance with the requirements of applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines of CoinZip;
  2. Whether there is misrepresentation of CoinZip;
  3. Whether CoinZip Services was used for any kind of wrongful acts, violation of public interests, evasion of payable taxes or fees, violation of public ethics or ethics or other’s legitimate interests; or
  4. Whether CoinZip Services was used for any forms and any types of financial fraud.
You agree that CoinZip has the right to take any of the appropriate actions such as but not limited to closing or blocking order requests, closing/holding or freezing your CoinZip account, deleting any information that you have published that is in violation of this Agreement, publishing the actions that have been taken and the alleged violation that was made, as well as reporting the incident to the proper authorities.

CoinZip will not in any way be liable for any alleged violation which causes any loss to a third party as a result of any actions by the user. The user shall solely undertake all the legal liabilities under his/her own name and shall hold CoinZip free and harmless from any loss, fees, charges, fines or any expenses.

F. APIs and Widgets

We may provide access to certain parties to access specific data and information through our Application Programming Interface (“API”) or widgets. We also may provide widgets for your use to enter our data on your Site. You are free to use these in their original unmodified and un-altered state.

G. Account Security

CoinZip maintains and implements industry standard protections of its site and platform but account users should understand that independently, they should also take the necessary safety precautions to protect their own account and personal information because there are account-level risks that are created by individual user actions. Safekeeping of your CoinZip account as well as keeping your own password secured at all times will be your own and sole responsibility. This includes being responsible for all the activities under your log-in email, CoinZip account and your account password including but not limited to information you have disclosed or submitted to other sites.

To protect your account, please be aware that email services and SMS are vulnerable to spoofing and phishing attacks, thus you should use care in reviewing messages purporting to come from CoinZip. CoinZip customer support will never ask for your password nor ask for your two factor authentication codes, ask to screen share or seek access to your computer or account. Always log into your CoinZip Account through the official CoinZip Site to review any transactions or required actions regarding the authenticity of any communication and make sure that after accessing the CoinZip Site you log out accordingly.

H. Account Termination

As part of the Agreement, you agree and acknowledge that CoinZip has the full right and authority to immediately suspend your account and/or any accounts beneficially owned by related entities or affiliates, freeze or lock whatever funds or digital assets there is in the account or accounts, and suspend their full access to CoinZip if we suspect that such account/s is/are in anyway violating or in violation of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, AML/AMLC/AMLA/CTF acts or any applicable laws and regulation. CoinZip shall have the right to keep and use any information including the transaction data related to such accounts if such accounts are subject to a governmental proceeding, criminal investigation or pending litigation or if CoinZip was required by law or commanded by a government authority to disclose such information. Any detection of unusual activity in the account will also be subject to the termination of account.

I. Transaction Fees and Withdrawal Fees

CoinZip charges Transaction fees on both maker and takers in a trade. CoinZip may also charge withdrawals. It is the sole discretion of CoinZip to levy and adjust these fees on users who use the services of CoinZip.

J. Limitation of Liability

The CoinZip Site and CoinZip Services do not offer any form of warranty with regard to the accuracy, reliability, completeness and stability of the technology involved.

CoinZip is only a venue for transactions where coin-related information can be acquired and coin-related transactions can be conducted thus it does not have control over the quality, legality, and security of the coin involved in any transactions, over the truthfulness of information provided, as well as the capacity of the parties to fulfill their obligations under the rules during the course of any transaction. There is an associated risk in every investment. CoinZip does not and will not encourage you to enter into any transaction, rather it is your independent decision if you will consider so you must carefully consider the associated investment risk as well as the validity of the transaction information and investment decisions and the legal status prior to your use of the CoinZip Services.

As a CoinZip Account User, you agree, acknowledge, and understand that CoinZip shall not in any way be liable for losses caused by any of the circumstances or events, including but not limited to the use or failure to use CoinZip Services, your misunderstanding of CoinZip Services’ terms and conditions, losses of profits, goodwill, usage or data or any other intangible losses arising from the use of CoinZip Services whether directly or indirectly attributable to CoinZip. In no event shall CoinZip be liable for any failure or delay of service resulting from regular network maintenance or external factors such as natural disaster, power failure, problems from the side of the service provider or government acts.

CoinZip makes no representation whatsoever about any of the external or third party websites that you may access through the CoinZip Site, including but not limited to the products, website content, promotions, terms and conditions, policies, advertisements, actions, services, statements, advices, or opinions, and/or any losses, problems, damages or failures caused by, related to, or arising from those sites. All risks associated in accessing the link and with the use of such content, will be solely borne by the user since these external websites are not covered by this Agreement and have their separate and independent terms of use and related user agreement or policies. We highly recommend and request you to read carefully and review well the terms, conditions, policies and regulations of each site that you visit and to take the necessary precautions in ensuring that the site you will use and access is free from items of destructive nature such as but not limited to viruses, worms, spyware, scareware, Trojan horses, and other malware that may affect your computer or other equipment, or any phishing, spoofing or other attack.

CoinZip will not be liable for any damages incurred for unencrypted email messages sent over the internet because unencrypted email messages are not in any way secured. We recommend sending email in encrypted formats. If you send unencrypted or unsecured email or other types of communications to us, we may respond using the same channels and you hereby accept the risks associated with it.

CoinZip will not be liable for any breach of the Agreement that is due to abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which would have been unavoidable despite all effects to the contrary, nor are we liable where the breach is due to the application of mandatory legal rules.

K. No Investmentor Financial Advice

CoinZip may provide information on the price, range, factors that affect the price and information on the volatility of Cryptocurrences, Tokens or Coins that are available on the CoinZip platform and upcoming events and promotions of the Cyprocurrencies in the Site but this must not be considered investment advice nor should it be construed as such.

Any decision to purchase or sell any Cyrptocurrency in the CoinZip Site is solely your sole and independent decision and we shall not be held in any way liable for any loss suffered.

L. No Brokerage

CoinZip does not do broker trades on your behalf. All trades in the CoinZip platform shall be based on the parameters of your order instructions and in accordance with posted trade execution procedures, thus, you are solely responsible for determining whether any trading strategy or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. CoinZip will not in any way be liable and responsible for your own decision in terms of investment strategy, investment and trading strategy and shall not be held liable for any loss or losses that you will incur in the performance of your trading and investments in any of the cryptocurrencies in the CoinZip platform.

M. Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of all our users. Before providing any personal information or data to us, you agree and acknowledge that you have carefully read and fully understood our Privacy Policy provided in the CoinZip Site. CoinZip may announce and amend its privacy policy via the CoinZip Site from time to time to update its privacy policy which shall be an integral part of the CoinZip Terms of Use. CoinZip will only disclose the Personal Data that you have shared to law enforcement agencies, government officials, data protection authorities and other regulating bodies. Please see  Annex A for more details.

N. Compliance with Local Laws

CoinZip Account Users are fully responsible for complying with the prevailing laws, rules and regulations in relation to the legal usage of CoinZip in their respective country of residence or in whatever country they are located in when accessing and using their CoinZip account. The Account User of CoinZip must also consider pertinent tax laws, such as but not limited to, matters concerning the withholding, collection reporting and remittance of taxes. As a user of CoinZip and any of its services, you acknowledge and agree to declare that the source of funds comes from a legitimate source and are not in any way derived from illegal activities. CoinZip, at all times, maintains its position to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities globally and will not hesitate to freeze, seize, or terminate the account of users which are flagged out or subject for investigation or required by law, compelled by subpoena, court order or other legal procedure or investigated by legal mandate.

O. Indemnity and Disclaimer

To the full extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, you willingly agree to indemnify and hold harmless CoinZip, its affiliates, contractors, licensors, and their respective directors, officers, shareholders, partners, employees, and agents against any claims, actions, liability, cost, loss, damage, proceeding, or expense suffered or incurred directly or indirectly, including attorneys’ fees, fines or penalties imposed by any regulatory authority arising out of your breach or our enforcement of this Agreement or arising from your use of the Service, or your violation of the Terms of Use. This shall also apply to your violation of any applicable law, regulation, or rights of any third party during your use of the CoinZip Services. Likewise, CoinZip will not be liable for errors arising from the use of its services.

P. Miscellaneous

In the event CoinZip was not able to perform any of the services as stipulated in the Terms of Use due to factors beyond its control, including but not limited to an event of force majeure, change in governing laws, change in sanctions policy, and the like, CoinZip and all its partners, officers, employees, agents and contractors shall not be held liable for any resulting damage to any person during the period of time that coincides with the event.

Q. Customer Feedback, Inquiries, Complaints

CoinZip account users may contact CoinZip Customer Support webpage at support.coinzip.co for any questions relating to the Terms of Use, or if they have any feedback, questions, inquiries or complaints on the CoinZip Site or CoinZip Services.

As to complaints, kindly provide our Customer Support with complete information such as the cause of your complaint, how you would like us to resolve it and any other relevant information. We will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint if you contact us via our Customer Support webpage. Our Customer Support Officer will get back to you to address all points of the complaints that you have raised within 15 business days from the time of acknowledgement of its receipt.

R. Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta. The parties hereto agree to irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malta.


Data Protection and Privacy Policy

1. PRIVACY POLICY (“Policy”)

1.1. Overall Privacy

The information you provide when you use the services provided by CoinZip (the “Service”) will be collected and used in the manner stated in this Policy.

As part of your use of the Services, you affirmatively consent to the processing and storage of your personal information, including the processing and storing of your personal information in the Philippines for the purposes of tracking individual use of the Service. By using the Service, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that the Philippines may not have the same level of protection for your personal information that exists in your country of residence or the same laws in your country of jurisdiction, and you nonetheless consent to the processing and storage of your personal information in the Philippines in accordance with limitations of Philippine industry practices. We will take measures as required to comply with Philippine law regarding the transfer, storage, and use of certain personal information.

1.2. What Information We Collect

1.2.1. Client Information (Information belonging to your Clients):

i. Name;
ii. Address;
iii. Mobile Number;
v. Email Address;
vi. Wallet details;
vii. Any other information relevant to the efficient use of our Service

1.2.2. Transactional Information

i. Amount remitted
ii. Etc.

1.2.3. IP addresses

1.2.4. Any personal information that may be disclosed when you interact with us.

1.3. Maintenance of Accuracy

To maintain accuracy of personal information, members may access the Services at any time and change any inaccuracies they may find by updating their profile. Members also have the option to delete their information from our database by updating their profile or sending us an email requesting for such deletion. Upon such change or request from a member, we shall notify third parties who have previously received or processed such information.

1.4. How We Use Your Personal Information

Information you provide us may be collected and processed internally, or by authorized third parties. By using our Services, you consent to the collection, transfer, processing, and storage of information we collect whether done within or outside of the Philippines. We assure you that our actions concerning your personal information will be guided by this Privacy Policy.

1.4.1. Delivery of Services

1.4.2. Communications

i. To send email, SMS, and notifications regarding your Transaction;
ii. To send promotions relating to our Services or products and services of authorized third parties; and
iii. To send updates regarding our Services. Members may opt out of these communications.

1.4.3. Service Improvement and Market Analysis

We constantly strive to improve our Services and user experience. We will use your information to guide us in these efforts, to ensure that our Services remain at the cutting edge and to ensure that your user experience remains pleasant and efficient. In addition, we will also use your information for assessment, record- keeping, market analysis, and generation of reports.

1.4.4. Expanded Data Segmentation

i. Connect behavioral data on our Platform (buying and selling actions) with your customer profile and demographics; and
ii. Extract patterns of behavior based on the profiles we can identify from the information you have given us.

1.4.5. Information Sharing

Subject to applicable law, we may share, preserve, transfer, and disclose the information we collect, to the following:

i. Companies that form part of our group of companies, to enable them to offer or improve their respective services or products;
ii. Service providers that help us provide our services, to the extent needed to perform their duties and their functions, including service providers used for the logistics;
iii. Government authorities, in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good faith belief that we are required to do so under the law; and
iv. Purchasers or potential purchasers of our rights and obligations relating to the services we provide. In this case, all information collected are deemed assets that may be transferred to such third parties.

1.4.6. Necessary to Protect Legitimate Interests

The information we collect may also be shared, transferred and disclosed when this is necessary:

i. To protect our rights and interests and those of our business partners, customers or third parties, as may be required and permitted by law;
ii. To detect, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activity;
iii. To establish, exercise, or defend legal claims of the Company and the Related Parties; and
iv. To pursue your legitimate interests, as may be required or permitted by law.

1.5. Data Retention and Disposal

We will retain the personal data for as long as you maintain an account with us. You may request for the deletion of your personal data by contacting us if you no longer wish to keep your account. We will promptly delete your data from our servers upon receipt of your request.

1.6. How We Secure Your Personal Information

We will protect your information through the use of secure servers. Sufficient physical and technical methods and procedures are employed to safeguard and secure the information from unauthorized or unlawful processing.

1.7. Data Subject Rights

Please be informed that you have the following rights under relevant data privacy laws and regulations:

1.7.1. Access Personal Data

You may request access to any of the personal data held by the Company, subject to certain restrictions. A request for disclosure of such information is called a subject access request. Any such requests should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer.

1.7.2. Make Corrections to Personal Data

It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to the personal data that you have supplied during the course of your engagement.

1.7.3. Object to the Processing of Personal Data

You have the right to object to the processing of the personal data, including processing for direct marketing, automated processing, or profiling. You shall also be notified and be given an opportunity to withhold consent to the processing in case of changes or any amendment to the information supplied or declared to you in this privacy notice.

1.7.4. Erasure or Blocking of Personal Data

You shall have the right to suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal or destruction of your personal information from our systems. Please note that depending on the type of personal information involved, you may be restricted from accessing any of our Services.

1.7.5. Be Informed of the Existence of Processing of Personal Data

You have a right to be informed whether personal data pertaining to you shall be, are being or have been processed, including the existence of automated decision-making and profiling.

1.7.6. Damages

Upon presentation of a valid decision, you have the right to be indemnified for any damages sustained due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data, taking into account any violation of your rights and freedoms as data subject.

1.7.7. Lodge a complaint before the National Privacy Commission

Upon presentation of a valid decision, you have the right to be indemnified for any damages sustained due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data, taking into account any violation of your rights and freedoms as data subject.

1.8. Questions, Concerns, and Complaints

In case of complaints, concerns, or questions regarding our privacy policy or if you wish to exercise your data subject rights, you may address them to support@coinzip.co.